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Program Design By:

Merladue Productions

Art Work By:

Julia Lamberton

A Message From The Director:

Welcome! Thank you for joining us for Gypsy.

Many people often ask, "what is art?".   The majority of artists will tell you that art, while being expressive, also pushes the envelope.  Art expresses through a specific medium, a feeling, a moment, an event, which the audience may or may not relate to on various levels.

Gypsy is the type of musical which accomplishes just that.   At it's simplest, Gypsy is the story of a woman who becomes a stripper.   Further beneath the surface, you will see this is actually the story of a woman's dream, her relationship with her daughter, and all the trials and tribulations which result from wanting that dream.

I would like to thank all of the cast/crew for their hard work and dedication.   As director, I demand from both the directors and the actors what I demand from myself.   All of these people have risen to that, and unknowingly superseded their highest expectations of themselves.   Everyone learned something, perhaps myself most of all.  Theatre is a living organism, which often grows of its own accord, against the wishes of those attempting to control the outcome.  Nonetheless, theatre is magical and majestic; may the spell it casts over you be a pleasant and memorable one.

So, sit back, and enjoy!   If, for just a few hours you forget the present and are transported to a different lifetime, then we have accomplished our job.

Heather O'Grady Evans