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Gerrie Yanch
Assistant Director
Randi Remmert
Musical Director
Ed Lindsay
Bert Salmirs
Accompanist Assistant
Carol Randolph
Stage Manager
Nancy Cole
Business Manager
Michelle LaDue Benjamin
Costume Manager
Linda Brown
Prop Manager
Esther West
Set Designer
Marty Evans
Assistant Set Designer
Ellen Coleman
Sara Rosno
Rob Cole
Light and Sound Design
Bart Curtis/Crystal Sound
Dani Brown and the
WGHS Journalism Class
Kate Lamoreaux and the
WGHS Drama Club

Costume Assistants

Joan Harris
Karen Cartwright
Ruth Cordick

Prop Assistants

Marjorie Stroman
Molly Oates

Stage Crew

Pam Boyette
Jack Klinger
Paul Kasperzyk
Trenton Laughlin
Samantha Prince
Cassie Osborne
Billy Willock

Set Construction Crew

Marty Evans
Ellen Coleman
Nancy Cole
Rob Cole
Steve Cole
Tim Benjamin
Jane Daum
Molly Oates
Billy Willock
Mike Morrow 
Marjorie Strom
Paul Cartwright
Brad Cartwright
Brad Kasperzyk
Judy Richards
Kathy Gill
Trenton Laughlin
Pam Boyette

Special Thanks To

Janine Benjamin-Kuehl for helping the girls with their hair - they looked beautiful.

The RSVP members who helped with our posters, ticket sales, and assisted the cast with their costume changes.